November 13, 2008

The One where You Might Want to Ignore the First Paragraph

I sit in our "office" watching Regis learn how to be a Starbucks barista (I say if he can do it [and he can't!] I could have done it.  but no.  no one would hire me...) as I let the sweat dry off my forehead.  I am not ashamed of my propensity for perspiring.  No, in fact, I feel as if I have truly worked out if I'm drenched.  Now, you might wonder why I'm sharing this rather digusting information and my answer to you would be "I don't have a clue."  Also, in case you don't know me very well or haven't been in my vacinity for more than 10 minutes I thought I should ease your fears.  I wear deodorant and I don't just start dripping sweat on command.  I just have my gene pool to thank for enormous sweat glands.  

[oh my gosh.  I just realized what I was writing and I offer my sincere apologies.  *sigh*]

I spent a few hours yesterday focusing on Thanksgiving plans.  I can't remember mentioning this before but we're hosting at least 14 family members for the holiday dinner.  We're both pretty pumped about opening our home and getting to use our perfect kitchen to its full potential.  So I went through the notes I had been jotting down and compiled a precise list of the recipes I am in charge of for the day.  (Thankfully everyone is more than willing to bring whatever is needed.)  I typed all the recipes into one document so I don't have to have a million books and notecards laying around that day and then I went through and made a list of ingredients that are necessary.  I have a long and very precise grocery list and hope that my organization pays off (as it usually does. *smile*)  I'm really looking forward to this holiday season.  And I love baking.

Speaking of baking I have been contemplating doing a bit of advertising to start a little baking business.  By this I mean I could take orders from people in the church or the neighborhood (or anyone willing to pick up their stuff) and put my enjoyment and growing skill to quench that sweet craving (or help out around the holidays). :)  I'm not sure how this would work at this point seeing as how I don't have a car and if I would run out of ingredients it could be difficult finding a way to the store...but it's a bit of a hope.   I don't want to get overwhelmed, but I would like to have a little something fun and "on the side" to work on during the day and at this point I would send the proceeds into the youth group fund.  I'm sharing this because I figured some of you might have thoughts, advice, or even business for me. *wink*


  1. I LOVE the new look of the blog!!!!

  2. so I was thinking in my favourite thinking spot and I had this thot - do any of your teens drive? cuz they could get you ingredients after school or something..... also you could borrow the car.
    You're pretty organized... I doubt it would happen often.

  3. i wish i had your gene pool for sweat glands!


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