November 10, 2008

The One Where November Snuck Up on Me

I forgot how cool Back to the Future is.  I have eaten way too much cookie dough as of late.  I love getting involved in church...really involved...and having 3 dinner invitations in the same day.  I am so thankful for my wireless mic.  I am a bit amazed at my own confidence in playing piano in church worship team.  I can't wait to have our very own piano--gorgeous sounding and looking.  IKEA is an unexplored love of mine.  School buses bring back floods of memories.  My youth are fantastic and I am undescribably pumped for them...the relationships, the activities, the growing passion.  I am an adult.  What in the heck?!  I am learning I mean really learning that everything I have is God's.  Giving it back is really no problem.  He just keeps pouring out blessings.  


  1. I maintain that Back to the Future is the best trilogy ever. EVER. And the stupid LOrd of the Rings people will not convince me otherwise.

  2. Your new house is so pretty, Mel!! You and Kevin sound very happy. :-)

    Are you going to be in Spring Arbor/Hanover-Horton area at all during the Christmas season? It would be nice to bump into you, if possible. :-)

    Have a good day! Enjoy your cookies (I've been baking a lot lately, too. It's fabulous.).


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