November 24, 2008

The One with Today

Saturday we...

...watched Ohio state stomp on U of M.  The only day of the year our household will be divided and for the 5th time my alliance dominated. 

...drove to Sam's club. Bought a 22" HD LCD flatscreen tv.  Bought bulk groceries.  Bought two 12 pound turkeys.  Bought pizza and ice cream for dinner.  (I'm in love with their soft serve.) :D

Sunday we...

...forced ourselves to Meijer to purchase draperies.  finally.  I had headaches all week from online shopping of window treatments.  In an hour we were home and I was thankful.

...participated in the Community Thanksgiving Service @ church.  Around 200 showed up.  I sang How Great Thou Art for a special music and wow!  I have never worshipped like that before.  God's hand was on me.  So many (including myself) were blessed.  Also, I met lots of great people--some new teens that might join us, some current students' parents, a few people in our church that I didn't know too well before, etc, etc.  I was truly a time of thanksgiving.

Today I...

...whipped out the electric drill I had borrowed in order to hang the drapes and rods.  It didn't work.  I used a screw driver and removed all the existing hardware.  Then I used the screwdriver and drilled the new hardware into the window frames.  Then I hung the drapes.  I was happy.  Now no one can peep in at us at night.  We are thankful. a horrible headache.  Probably from the arms raised to the level of my head using a screw driver for 3 and 1/2 hours.  

...made Sante Fe Chicken Chili.  We loved it.  My stomach is not too happy with me right now.

1 comment:

  1. 1. I'm impressed with the drapery hanging skills you have.

    2. A flat screen??? Way to go!!!

    3. Are you braving the stores this black friday?

    4. When will I get to see pictures of the new stools and the new drapes?

    5. My mom added your blog as 1 of 4 links at the top of her new computer.....(ur blog, my blog, her blog and her hotmail)

    6. I misseth you

    7. Have a blast this holiday season!

    8. You should call me sometime: I dare you.....

    ....I'm going to keep saying that until you get used to calling me....

    PS - this reply could have been a post in itself..... LOL


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