November 7, 2008

The One with Our New Home

We have been so blessed in the short time since moving into the parsonage.  On Wednesday I was finally able to make it to worship team practice (Kevin had exams till 9pm!) and then to prayer meeting at a family's home.  One of the ladies had a lovely gift bag for us full of our favorite snacks (crackers and cheese spread, peanut butter, and cookie dough!).  Yesterday morning, one of our neighbors dropped by with a plan--to help me get our windows "treated."  (Yes, we've been living shadeless, curtainless, blindless for a week.  I'm thankful for the bedsheet in our bedroom. *smile*)  This wonderful lady is a great seamstress and has great fabric to make drapes for the big dining room window.  Then she pulled out a JCPenny catelog with draperies on sale.  She whipped out a large bill that she said was to help us pay for some of the cost.  How cool is that?  

Then, later that afternoon, one of the women who was at prayer meeting (where I announced we love visitors...) stopped by with a lovely harvest door wreath she had made.  We enjoyed nice conversation and soon after she left, Britt arrived.  We hung out from 2-8pm...taking house pictures, measuring windows, watching a B movie, looking at scrapbooks, eating chocolate, and browsing clothing catelogs.  :)  It was a great time!  

Now I will share some pictures of our new home.  Hope you love it as much as I do!  (Don't mind the highly outdated carpet and do not be frightened by the Red Rose Room.  You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it!)

Here's the great moving crew:
Eccles, Arvidsons, Fishs, Gavin, Nick, Ben, Collin, and Bill from church

That huge kitchen is my favorite!

Our Bedroom (with 2 dbl wide closets.  This house is packed with closets!)

There is actually a full bathroom right beside this room which we made our office/hangout room (which is on the opposite end of the house from the 3 other bedrooms, full bath, and half bath.) 


  1. ok ,that house is sooo big and nice its ridiculous! So lucky are you! Well blessed but ya, that is NICE! We are still looking for a house!! see you very sooooon!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Thats soooo exciting! I dream of having a house one day...not very soon obviously but one day.

    What a blessing!


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