October 30, 2012

Supportive Listening

While having a really wonderful conversation with a really wonderful friend, I realized what a precious gift my husband gives to me every time I share my hair-brained ideas with him. I am the type of person who always has thoughts of the next thing or a great idea floating around in my head. *pop pop pop

The best way I can process my brainstorms is by talking through them, which means I have to trust a person enough to share my very roughly drafted ideas with them before they have even begun to be fleshed out. This is a risky move, as some of you might understand. The recipient of said "brilliant" idea could easily respond with pessimism masked in pragmatism
Well, what about this? Have you thought about that?
No, I most certainly have not! I am just sharing my stream-of-consciousness thoughts with you and I would just like to hear something more encouraging or at least engaged listening. 
Yeah, I can really picture that. You should go with that vision, it has potential. 
And my dear, darling husband is so incredibly supportive and I don't know that I ever recognized it before tonight. I am constantly brainstorming with him and I don't think he's EVER, in 8 years, shot one of my ideas down. He may nod along, ask questions, give encouragement, or just let me talk. 

But you know what, that's exactly what I need. 


  1. can you believe it's almost 8 years???? 6 years for us... are you doing anything to celebrate?

    Several times in the last week, Nick has been oober supportive on things he isn't usually... like looking through my random Christmas Tree photo shoot and actually enjoying and commenting, not just fulfilling his duty to look as I asked him to.

  2. Listening is one of Jeremy's weaknesses. He is growing in it though. He has a hard time focusing (imagine that :) and it has been so fun seeing how God is developing this in him! Yeah for hubbys who listen! :)


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