October 16, 2012

Two Fall Photo Shoots

What have I been doing lately? Spending time with some great families, experimenting with aperture and shutter speed, and eagerly sharing some of the best results on Facebook. A Senior Photo session and a Family Session in the same week! Lots of fun! (I'm going to need a bigger memory card!)

Laurel is one of our 12th graders in youth group and it was so much fun spending the afternoon gallivanting across the blustery fall countryside with her and her mom and sister.


love long deserted country roads. 

Her prized pup, Casey, got in on the action

we couldn't pass up these impressive petunias!


And then there was the T. Family, friends from church. We've been wanting to get together to photograph their 3 beautiful children since last fall, so making last minute photo shoot plans for Sunday was impressive. The kids kept me laughing, and quickly become optimal models for our time together. "Oooh, do one of me over here!" :)




how lovely is that fall lane? 

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  1. My aunts bought me a new memory card when they were here! Now I can take almost 6000 pictures on my fancy high def camera! It's huge! I love it! I hated having to stop around 500....


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