November 2, 2012

When Wafting Roasted Turkey Takes Over My Brain

I am so excited to have my mom coming to visit this weekend. We're going to celebrate Thanksgiving a few weeks early and have invited a few friends over to join the 3 of us. I love turkey. I love roasting turkeys. It's not scary for me; it's exciting. Because I can practically taste that juicy, flavorful meat as I dress it and put it in the oven. The other thing I love to make that really intimidates a lot of people? Pies. I really really love making pies. I don't love that it can take a lot of money to buy the filling ingredients for pies, but money aside, I love making the crust, fluting the edges, baking it off to perfection. (With that one pecan pie as an exception. I overcooked that thing until it was rock candy. No joke.) 

Why am thinking about turkey and pie right now? Because I can't stop smelling their delicious aromas wafting into my office. I am roasting a turkey that I will bring to the Sunday Thanksgiving potluck at church along with a pumpkin pie. I have two crusts ready to be filled with apple and pumpkin (separate pies, mind you), on Monday when we have our early-family-friends-Thanksgiving. I am also baking two more loaves of Amish White Bread. It was so so so good when I baked it on Tuesday that I couldn't wait to try it again. Thank you to Britta for sharing that recipe with me a year ago. If only I had tried it back then! 

Now I'm off to Aldi to pick up some more ingredients for my baking weekend extravaganza. (Wow, doesn't that make it sound thrilling?) 


  1. It is exciting! I am looking forward to my next Turkey... I don't know who's going to be still around to have turkey with, but I'm hoping to make another for American Thanksgiving! I'm doing a photo shoot this weekend, no baking/cooking for me! It's a craft weekend!

  2. Oh yay!! I am so glad that you enjoyed it. It is one of my favorite breads around fall and winter time. :D

    Have fun having an early Thanksgiving with your Mom.


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