October 20, 2012

Youth Ministry - More Than Sunday Nights

Youth ministry is...

...a teen wanting to come early for piano lessons just to have more time together
...text invitations to a volleyball game.
...laughing up a storm about last night's dance party. 
...3 girls sipping tea in my living, sharing hearts
...Saturday morning pancakes, with couches full of kids

a few (of many) from this morning's Brunch Bunch

Youth ministry is more than youth group messages and crazy, stupid games. Youth ministry is connecting to the hearts of students by caring about their lives--their boy-crazy, home-work-stressed, sports-centric, too-quiet-to-talk-in-a-large-group, brimming-with-potential-for-greatness-lives. When students feel comfortable just walking in the front door, when your home is a sort of second residence for them, when they know they are safe with you, when you're the best person to come to about the latest frustration or stress or heartbreak. THAT is youth ministry. 

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  1. No better gift or way to spend your time, then to invest into the lives of other people----showing and telling them of the love of Christ. Love, your mom


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