October 6, 2012

Yes, I have a Sweet Tooth

One fun aspect I have added to my piano teacher routine is having students fill out a {just for fun} student profile. They get to tell me about their favorite books, their favorite kinds of music, their favorite movies, and most importantly their favorite candy and cookies. I like to have sweet treats around to bring a smile to their faces, and celebrating them on their birthdays with a favorite candy bar means more than you might imagine. While putting together a candy bar shopping list for the upcoming birthday kids, I started thinking about my favorite candy (bars).

And because you love me, I know you're dying to see what made the top of the list.

{9} I LOVE tootsie rolls (of any variety).

{eight} Classic Starburst (especially the pink ones) always hold a special place in my heart mouth.

7} I don't know why, I'm love those old school Mary Janes.

Now, before we move on, I have explain something about the aforementioned chewy candies. I love 'em, but they send me through the roof with nerve pain in my teeth. (and, no, it's not cavities. I've had that taken care of. It's extreme sensitivity. So I just have to be careful. Which basically means, resisting the urge to each anything sweet and chewy.)

{six} 3 Musketeers. I don't know if it's the "lower calorie than most candy bar appeal" or if I just really love that soft filling, but these candy bars (especially in the bite sized version) are really delicious. Just none of those iterations of mint or dark chocolate. Stick to the original, please.

5} Hershey Bar with Almonds. Plain, simple, beautiful.

{4} Take 5. I'm not sure why I don't indulge in these candy bars very frequently because they're everything I love in one handy eating package==chocolate, peanut butter, pretzels, peanuts (and caramel, but I'm not a huge caramel lover. Plus it's chewy and sticky and hurts my teeth.).

{three.} Snickers. Again, please the classic version only. I've tried many of the recent variations and they just don't do it for me.

2} M&Ms. If you ever need to make me happy, M&Ms are the best way to do it. Plain, Peanut, and Peanut Butter are the best.

{1} And my [NUMBER ONE] favorite candy of all time is...drumroll...
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! (Honestly, these are kind of tied with M&Ms. I like M&Ms slightly better for the snackability factor. I feel less guilty eating a couple handfuls of M&Ms than eating 1 or 2 Reese's cups. But peanut butter and chocolate make all my dreams come true.)

What are your sweet tooth weaknesses??

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  1. FUDGE. Not the sliceable sweet, but the hot variety, the sort poured over ice cream. Only here's the deal -- I wish I could just order a cup of hot fudge. I don't want the ice cream. I've been known to order a sundae, eat a little off the top, then dump the ice cream and focus on the fudge. Mmm. Yes, it's a little weird ;)

  2. I think I'll make my own list on my blog...


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