February 7, 2012

Top Ten of the Best Photos from {Snow Camp}

This past weekend, Kevin and I (along with 3 other adult leaders) took 18 high school students to Snow Camp. This particular camp is set up in the Old Western style and has been operating for 40 years. They run 10 or 12 weekend Snow Camps each winter and host 200 students at each camp. Many groups have been attending for years and years. 

It's always interesting to attend a new camp for the first time. I have been to many a Christian Camp--between my years of work at our camp (Somerset Beach) and my summer with Wellspring (traveling worship team to different camp each week.) It's important to have an open mind--about the cabins, the leadership, the organization, the chapel services, the meal time, the extra-curriculars--or you will likely have a very bad attitude. And bad attitudes just ruin everything. 

Our time with our teens was a big success. Kevin and I both committed to spending our weekend as youth workers instead of husband-and-wife. We sat with each other at meals and such, but we made an effort to spend most of our free time with our respective guys or girls. I hung out with the girls as they sat and talked in their bunks or watched the activities from the sidelines. Kevin played hours of Euchre with the guys in their cabins and kept up with the young-ens during their basketball games.  

I listened to my own advice--my note to self. I loved those students. I spent time with them. I was real with them {adorkable side and all}. I laughed with them. I even cried with them. Oh yeah, and I indulged in the calorie-dense foods without feeling {too} guilty. 

I took literally HUNDREDS of pictures all weekend and I have narrowed them down for your viewing pleasure. Here are the...
Top Ten of the Best Photos from {Snow Camp}

one. me and the girls at the Wild West Adventure Town 
(waiting for the late-night games to begin. 10pm to midnight with a 1:30am lights out is just crazy in my opinion. but I survived.) 

two. human hamster ball relays. 

three. human bowling. 
(that's not dangerous at all...)

four. group building activities--the ping pong ball pass
(followed by the "NOOOOOO!!!" exclamations from John & Maria)


five. another group building activity--
the girls are focused on keep their feet touching as they move from one end of the room to the other.


six. the other half of our group during the foot-touching activity. those boys are focused.

seven. group shot (with the random Santa Claus Helicopter and support beam in the middle of us.)

eight. Trike Terror Relays.
(exactly what it sounds like--plus the driver was blind-folded. really?!)

nine. the Jump Shot. classic.

ten. my girls and me (minus Carly!)
girls with words

It's not been easy to move on from one group of teens to a new one, but God is blessing us with opportunities like this one to invest in their lives and show them our true commitment. Walls are beginning to shatter, relationships are forming. May His Name be Glorified. 

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  1. What a wonderful weekend! Looking at the crazy games almost made me miss being a youth worker. Almost :)

  2. Love the jump shot! Super cute! Love the human hamster ball shot too! Looks like you poured a lot of love onto them! Hope you were able to live in the moment and enjoy your time with them!


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