February 2, 2012

The One with My Focus {and too much of a good thing}

Lately, I've been...

...loving every minute of teaching piano lessons

...trying to ignore the little piles of this and that stacking up all over the house. 

...contenting myself in the stage of life I'm in. 

...becoming quickly addicted to Grey's Anatomy. Thank you, Netflix. I watched my first episode ever (Season 1, Episode 1) and I was hooked. Even the theme song/intro video is just intriguing to me. I mean how brilliant is the red high heals--turns to scrub shoes--turns to surgical instruments--turns to eyelash curler...

...thoroughly enjoying my new practice of logging my running training, and surprisingly excited about the new-to-me concept of intervals

...so happy to have Kevin coming with me on the mornings I go to the track. Even doing our separate things and being in the same place makes me smile. 

...honored to be trusted to be more than one student's emergency contact list at school. 

...looking forward to getting to know the teens in a deeper way during our weekend at Snow Camp

...hoping for the energy I'll need to be useful, fun, and encouraging during our weekend at Snow Camp. 


  1. Mel, Glad you are enjoying life! I too am not really good at interval runs, but I hear people have awesome results.. I really need to do some interval training... Thanks for the reminder!
    God will use you at Snow Camp! Can't wait to hear what happens!

  2. snow camp! do you have snow where you are? none here :( I just want one more GOOD snow. then it can be spring. :) loved your post!


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