February 12, 2012

The One with the Zumba Report

I survived Zumba, ya'll. In fact, I was even a little bit good at it. And by "good," I mean I could keep up with most of the moves--NOT that it was at least an ounce natural-looking. Wowzers. I am just not not made to move like that. 

First of all, I arrived WAY too early. I was convinced the class started at 8:15, and being there at 8:00 would be a good idea for my first time. I trudged through the deep snow all the way to the studio (a convenient 5 minute walk from our house) and must have looked some some sort of a lost puppy when I tramped into the front door. The women-only fitness center owner was so kind and showed me the way to the classroom. A moment later, she came back and informed me I was a half hour early. Without a moment's hesitation, she offered to let me use a treadmill while I waited. 

So I treadmilled-it-up for the next 25 minutes. 

My girl, Miss O., showed up, and we headed upstairs to the dance studio. It was a nice class size--probably 15--and women of all shapes and sizes and fitness levels. I quickly realized that no one would be watching me--all eyes are glued to the teacher. (That's a lot of pressure I'm not sure I could handle. *whew*)  

O. and I high-fived a few times between songs, feeling pretty awesome about ourselves, even though we knew we weren't all that great. It was so much fun being there together. (And seriously, the fact that a TEEN wanted ME there with her was just AHmazing.) 

After the hour was up, I was happy--proud of my "performance" (because normally I can't keep up with choreography to save my life) and so pleased to have spent time with one of my girls. 

From a fitness standpoint, I'm not completely sold. It was fun, yes, but I like to be super sweaty when I'm working out, breathing heavily, feeling like I want to quit, but knowing I'm not going to. I can imagine that if I were an actual Latin dancer, I would be sweating like that. But in this class environment, I barely broke a sweat. Hmm. Oh well. Maybe it's not my favorite workout, but it was it still worth it. 

Have you tried Zumba? Are you a big fan? What other fitness classes do you enjoy?

*side note: I think I may be having a harder time getting my heart rate up and working out hard because of a little bit of exciting news--my pulse was 58 bpm yesterday, and my blood pressure was 108 over 64. My heart rate has never been below 68 or 70--numbers I was proud of. In high school, my pulse was consistently 90 or 100 bpm. Now, being the runner that I've become, I feel like a true athlete. I think the interval running has helped too.  


  1. I can completely relate.. I need to sweat really good.. None of this kinda sweating stuff. If I am going to work out, I want it to count... Glad you were able to try it out and spend some time with one of your teens!

  2. First, I love that one of your teens wanted you there :) That is awesome!

    I've never tried Zumba, but I really really want to. There is a studio in the next town over, but I've been too chicken to try it out. Sigh.


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