February 14, 2012

The One with the Not-Super-Valentine's-y Day

This hasn't been a particularly romantic Valentine's, but I'm ok with that. We've been spending some time with my mom, chilling on the couch, munching, and watching LOST. We had plans for an epic pizza date, but neither of us were "feeling" Vday, so we're postponing our date till Friday. (We still had Pizza Hut buffet for lunch though, no worries. :D) 

In celebration of our love, I thought I'd revisit the four-part series of posts I did last Valentine's, chronicling our love story. If you'd like to take a peak into how Kevin-and-Mel came to be, check out these posts. 

Part 4 {The Proposal}

I love you now, more than ever, Kevin. 


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