February 15, 2012

The One {in}RealLife

Today, I wanted to share an awesome opportunity with you from one of my favorite online communities: (in)courage. What is (in)courage? It is a "home for the hearts of women," the online ministry of DaySpring. Through blog posts from Christian women around the world--regulars and guests alike--women find rest for their weary souls, encouragement for times of trials, and hope for their hearts. This place--these people--are real

Now that you know a little bit about (in)courage, here is the exciting (and new, crazy hair-brained) idea from the directors. (in)RL {in real life} is an un-conference hosted in real-life homes across the country. (in)courage readers from all walks of life, will come together with other readers in their hometown, meet new friends, connect in real life, and participate in the (in)RL facilitated sessions and discussion. No plane tickets or expensive registrations. No sponsors or child-care arrangements. Just you, your living room, and your brand-spanking new friends, learning about real life: together. 

Sounds crazy, right? And totally awesome! For more info check out the website and watch this video from Lisa-Jo from TheGypsyMama.com (and director of (in)courage community) 

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