February 22, 2012

The One with Pastors to the Pastors

Exactly a week ago, we received a phone call--the kind you dread. Pastor Dale, from our former church in Michigan, had just been informed he needed quadruple bypass surgery immediately. This perfectly healthy man had gone in for a routine exam and the doctors wouldn't let him leave the hospital. He was staying put until his Friday a.m. surgery. 

We couldn't believe what we were hearing. Jaws dropped. Mouths gaped. 

And we prayed. 

The next morning, we heard an update and offered our help and assistance in whatever way necessary. We were surprised to hear from Dale just a few hours later, when he called to ask if my husband and I would come, right away. He were asking us to stay with their two high school boys--guys that we had come to love and know very well in our three years of ministry there. 

We rearranged our weekend schedule, passed our responsibilities on to a few willing replacements, and packed our bags. 

Friday afternoon we met up with Chris and Isaac and Pam in the lobby of the hospital. Dale had come out of his surgery successfully--praise the Lord. He was recovering quicker than most patients--thanks to his health--and we were all amazed at the perfect timing of this surgery. Two of his arteries were 90% blocked, two were 80% blocked. He could have died. But God had his hand on this man, and we are all convinced that his ministry, his purpose on this earth is far from over. 

It was a privilege to be called upon, to be entrusted with the safety and stability of those boys. We are thankful for these ministry opportunities we've been given in the last month--caring for Randy & Sheryl's kids in the midst of crisis, and now Dale and Pam's boys. Thank you, Jesus, for these relationships, for giving us strength and courage to support our friends in time of need. 

The body of Christ is a beautiful thing. 


  1. How wonderful that you were able to travel to help out close friends - and that your friend came through surgery so well!! God is so good!

  2. Isn't it amazing that God knows what we need long before we even have a clue. Thank you both so much for coming out and ministering to and loving our family. Knowing Chris and Isaac were surrounded by love during this time was worth more than we can express. Dale continues to heal slowly but steadily. God Bless you two!

  3. I hope he is doing well now!! isn't it wonderful to be able to be there for someone else like that?


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