December 22, 2011

The One with a Prayer Commitment

One of my favorite bloggers is a woman of faith, deep conviction. Rachel is real. honest. encouraging. inspiring. Recently she posted about a topic that convicted and stirred my spirit for many days. 31 Days to Pray for Your Spouse. A challenge to pray for my husband every single day through January 2012. 

I'm Joining the 31DBBS Challenge

This 31 Days to Pray challenge is initiated by Ashley Pichea, author of the eBook 31 Days to Build a Better Spouse (on sale for just $2.99). With its witty title, this book starts with the core of marriage--praying for our spouses. I haven't read the book yet, myself, but I am hoping to get on the bandwagon soon! And I encourage all of you married folk to join in! 

Even if you don't read the book, there's nothing stopping you from joining in on this 31 Days to Pray for your Spouse Challenge starting in January 2012. You can sign up and be an "official" participant, being encouraged and accountable to others--or you can just keep this commitment between you and the Lord. 

Either way, it's more than worth you time. 

I am so excited to be committed to praying for you, Kevin, every single day for an entire month. In fact, I couldn't wait, so I started a few days ago. And Jesus is already doing things in my heart, stirring me, changing me. I think this whole "change your spouse" thing may actually be more a "change the spouse that I am" thing. I'm sure you wouldn't mind, right? ;) I want to become more respectful, more supportive, more encouraging. A woman who stands strong beside you, giving you the courage and confidence to be the man God is calling you to be. I love you. And I am praying for you in new ways these next few weeks. 

If any of you decides to join in on this challenge, I would love to hear about it! Drop me a line to let me know you're participating--we're in this thing together! 

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  1. I'm joining in as well :) I was able to read Ashley's book when it first was released, and I am looking forward to reading it again! Merry Christmas!


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