December 9, 2011

The One with My Love of Etsy

This week I discovered the pure joy that is shopping handmade on Etsy. I have been selling my baked goods (and to-die-for toffee) on Etsy for many months now and I have watched as my friend, Sara's, photo-greeting-card business took off with outstanding success. But I never made a purchase myself. Not sure why. Maybe it was because most of the items I saw, though I loved them, were just out of my tight-fisted price range.

Something changed this last week, though. And I'm so glad it did. Now, I'm in love with Etsy shopping. I have bought four different gifts for friends or family at various Etsy shops. All unique. All handmade. All affordable. All supporting the small business person.  

For those of you who have no idea what I'm jabbering on about, here's Etsy in a nutshell

It's like an online craft show/small town boutique/vintage shop and much much more. 

There's something for everyone. Greeting CardsGorgeous jewelry for every style. Toys. Pet accessories Sweet Money Clips. Even stuff for the Science Geek in your life. If you don't believe me, check out this Categories Page and click on anything that catches your eye. You'll be amazed. 

Oh! And there's this cool thing called a Treasury. Any Etsy user can create a treasury by gathering their favorite 16 items to fit any topic they choose.

Or "He Broke My Heart. Snif" Treasury. 

And this adorable collection of Christmas Gifts for Her: Great Gifts Girls 0-99. 


Some of my favorite shops include:

Maddie Kay Handbags--these bags are just too cute. 
Less Ordinary Designs--I don't know how I'd ever pick a favorite design by Sara.
Hoops and Hooks--love her unique take on cross stitch
The House of Hemp --Gorgeous Crocheted and Knitted Accessories

RhondasTreasures--I am in love with her vintage style jewelry.

So this Christmas season, I encourage you to support these small business owners in their endeavors. Hunt for the perfect item. It's out there, I promise. Give the most heartfelt and unique gift under the tree this year. Merry Shopping!


Are you an Etsy shopper or do you want to become one, like I just did? Do you have any favorite shops? 

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