December 5, 2011

The One with the First Crochet Project

When Kevin's family visited us in October, Mom helped me correct my crochet styles and helped give me confidence to read a pattern. I have been "crocheting" for years, since freshman year of college when every girl on my floor was yarning it up during movies and slow Saturdays. But I never made anything other than scarves. No patter required. 

With my good friend, Debbie, preparing for the December birth of her firstborn daughter, I decided now was the time to get past my fear. Armed with a pattern and a crochet hook, I headed to the craft store to find the perfect yarn. This was a much more daunting feat than anticipated. There was aisle after aisle of colors and textures. The options seemed endless. I finally chose this lovely Silver Gray. I thought it suited Debbie's taste perfectly. Hopefully I was right. :) 

I flew through 8 skeins of yarn like nobody's business and ended up with a pretty lovely baby afghan. (Thanks to Mom E. for photographing the completed project--because I forgot--and for hand delivering the gift--because I live a couple hundred miles away.)



  1. Nice Job Mel! I keep thinking I want to try Crochet, but I am not brave enough!

  2. Love it!!!

    What pattern did you end up using?


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