December 3, 2011

The One with a Little Thing

We've had a long, busy, tiring weekend. I'm going to bed now. 

But can I just say that when I got back from worship practice tonight, I found my husband had done all the dishes. 

He rocks. 

Oh, and last night, I got home from our church's family movie night and another worship practice for a different purpose, and I found this message on my Skype-- 
you are beautiful and I love you. 


  1. Our pastor says it's the "little" things can make or break a marriage. If the "little" things are simply neglected, than over time, other threads become loosen and soon the threads are completely gone. Thankful for Kevin and the "little" things he does for you!

  2. I won't lie,when I saw "the one with a little thing" I thought maybe a HUMAN little thing. Haha, I am baby obsessed! That is super sweet, though. :)

  3. You have a very good and thoughtful husband.Treat him with TLC !


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