March 31, 2010

The One with our Second Spring at Home

I can hardly believe this is our second Spring at our home.
This year I knew exactly where to anticipate all the beautiful bulbs blossoming.
Pushing their way through the cold hard sod long before the trees show their leaves.
The daffodils are beautifully yellow.
The lilies are beginning to strengthen their stems.
There is green everywhere.
And it's so beautiful.

We have made a home together. 
Yes, our first memories as a married couple will always be housed in that downtown Detroit apartment.
Hearing the traffic race by.
Seeing Canada across the river from our window. 
Getting attacked by angry squirrels in the dumpster. 
Walking to Tigers games. 
Biking to grad school with Kevin every morning. 
It was a great summer. 

::moving out November 2008::

::moving in November 2008::

But this, this is our home. 
We have made it together. 
Settled into habits and traditions together. 
Opened our bedrooms to family. and teens. and friends. 
Hosted two Pastors' Families Christmas open houses.
Had countless teens walk through our doors each week. 

Sure there's carpet I could do without and that insane rose wallpaper I was planning on taking down months ago, but this is our home. 
And we are thankful. 

how awesome is this!
We've officially made this a guest bedroom. 
With a lovely double bed. 
Creamy comforter. 
Cozy recliner. 
Chest of drawers.
It's always available. :D


  1. I love a home where guests are always welcome!! I remember how fun it was for Ben and I to have our first home together. It was an old house and it was small, but we LOVED it!!

  2. I miss your old apartment! I like it!!! I loved that Canada was always in site - how could you forget me! But I guess your new home is pretty cool too! lol!!!

  3. I like the part about angry squrriels. We had angry raccons at our last residence and they scared me so bad. I had never seen raccons before.

    You have made your house a home.

  4. cute post! I bet your apartment was great with lots of fun memories living in downtown detroit! wow! :) your house is pretty cute too.

    your new layout is cute too! :)

  5. And a beautiful home it is! What fun to watch for all the signs of Spring, huh! Thank you for sharing those memories :)

    LOVE your new blog look! ♥

  6. Congrats on your new home!




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