March 24, 2010

The One with My Best Girls

I have really fabulous friends.
The four years I spent in college are completely unforgettable and irreplaceable.
And sometimes...I wish I could go back.
I miss my friends.
But even if they lived next door to me now, it wouldn't be the same.
Nothing can compare to dorm life or sharing a house with 6 other girls. 
Being able to walk "next door" in your socks and pjs.
Always having someone to talk to, laugh with, watch a movie with.
A shoulder to cry on, a prayer offered. 
Stressful exams to complain about. 
I absolutely love the life we have now. 
But girls, I miss you like crazy, and will never ever forget our years together.

Freshmen year floormates.
We were insanely crazy.
The entire campus knew about THAT floor. 
We were a blast and a half that's for sure. 
I didn't think anyone else in the world was as ridiculous as I was. 
I was wrong. 
And I'm so glad I was. 

Freshmen year homecoming. 
Friends don't come any prettier than that!

more lovin' and snugglin' freshmen year.
There was a LOT of that.

My surprise 20th birthday--sophomore year.
The four of us were suitemates.
I can hear Emily (the one on my back) laughing.
It's unmistakable.

Most of sophomore year was comprised of this.
Sitting on our couch. 
Talking and laughing.
That's about it.
And we loved every minute of it.

Junior year required me to tromp across campus to visit most of my friends.
Our campus is HUGE by the way.
Or not.
But in either case, it was totally worth it.
Wedding Shower season--a new stage of life.
Angie's (grey and white stripes in the middle) shower junior year.

And the weddings begin!
Angie (not pictured oddly enough) was the first one we married off!

We had a girls' only Valentine's Partay in mine and Britt's room.
Just like old times.

Senior year. 
One house.
Two bedrooms.
One bathroom.
Two showers (yeah).

Slumber party at Emily's one weekend.
That was a blast and half.

We hosted a number of BonFires our senior year.
Or "BombFires" as we referred to them.
This was post marshmallow roasting.

Oh dear.
Graduation 2008.
What a proud moment.
Thrilling. Yet sad. The end of an era.

But alas, friendship crosses time and distance. 
We slumber-partied it up at my place last summer.

Still as ridiculous as ever.

Thank you, girlies, for the best memories and the greatest sisterhood. 
Love you all!


  1. Dear Melanie - I think it is funny that the picture of all the girls on tha OOGlay couch of mine doesn't even have me in it! Those were all such good times!

  2. There are times when something will remind me of when I was so close to a group of friends and it is really sad that there's no way to go back to those silly, stressfree times!! I LOVE my life now, but I miss that soooo much sometimes! Thanks for the post:)

  3. cute post! how great to have friends like that!! :)

  4. Thank you for posting this, brought a tear to my eye :) It won't be long before reunion #3 becomes a reality!

  5. What fabulous memories you have! I enjoyed seeing each of the photos, especially when you all were goofy; lol.

    Some of my most treasured friendships are with friends I've known for 20 plus years. There's nothing like going back and reminiscing about fun times and lessons learned along the way.


  6. This made me think about the bunch I always hung with in High School. Recently I connected with alot of them on Facebook. It's been fun looking at old pics we have posted. Thanx for sharing this.
    Have a great day.

  7. One of life's greatest treasures...the blessing of friendship! You are all beautiful!

  8. it makes me wanna cry. miss those times!! we all need to get together again!! :)

  9. What fun memories! This pictures just made me smile!

    Happy Wednesday!!

  10. Awesome post!! Very cute. I'm starting to see that I really missed out on not going away to college. I kind of wish I did now.

  11. Looks like you had tons of fun with all of your friends. And now you have the pictures and the good memories.

    You are cute...thanks for sharing and joining in today.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  12. Thankd for stopping by today, I love the title of your blog! This post takes me back to my college days too. I might have to post about my past instead of my kiddos one of these days.

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning.

    Looks like you guys had lots of fun in college.

    You are lucky to have such great memories and great friends!

    Have a great day!

  14. I loved reading this! It made me smile all over. I miss you guys!


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