March 10, 2010

The One with the Good versus the Bad.

Monday was the best day ever. 
Tuesday was the worst day ever. 
I said those exact words as the days came to a close. 
Even I couldn't believe the juxtaposition of my life in just 24 hours.

The stories.
Neither Kevin nor I secured jobs for Monday.
We were both (not so) secretly happy about this.
Sometimes, it's just nice.
It worked out well also because my poor boy started feeling sick.
However, after downing 64 fluid ounces of 100% Florida orange juice he seemed to nip it in the bud.
Yeah, you heard right.
The crazy illness thing that took me 5 days to beat, he stopped in a matter of hours. 
Once he started feeling better we had the best day together we've had in a long time.
And the cool part is we didn't do any fantabulous activities.
In fact, we were just enjoying one another's company in such a wonderful way.
I haven't laughed so much in a long time.
The entire day, start to finish, was filled with shared laughter.
There wasn't one moment tainted by short tempers or petty frustrations.
It was just so full

We did manage to squeeze some fun into the laughter.
We watched a movie. 
Kevin more than willingly went on a long walk with me.
And said he really enjoyed it! 
(Which is huge because he hasn't really enjoyed walks for the sake of walking, unlike me.)
We got word that Kevin would be securing a five and a half week substitute position!
That was such great news.
He will be teaching biology and chemistry from May 3rd-June 9th in the place of a teacher on maternity leave.
No more wondering each day if he'll get a job.
Plus, the opportunity to test the waters of managing a classroom.
We're praying this might lead to a full time position come fall.
(Not necessarily for this teacher, but possibly in another classroom at this school.)
And to celebrate we went out to Pizza Hut.
And cashed in their $10 any pizza any toppings any size dealio.
And they weren't kidding.
The waitress told us we could get ALL of the toppings on one pizza if we wanted.
That's what we did.
Minus the olives and anchovies and hamburger since we weren't fans.
But yeah, a $33 pizza (that we would have NEVER ordered otherwise) was TEN bucks.
Rock on!

Mmm, that reminds me.
I have two pieces leftover in the fridge.
Lunch anyone??

This brings us to yesterday.
I hadn't subbed in over a week thanks to my dreaded illness.
I really didn't want to get out of bed, but I felt fine as soon as I was up and at 'em.
I didn't think I'd get a job because it was already 7am, but then one popped up on the call service website.
For the k-2 school I've really enjoyed in the past. 
And it said "extra substitute" for the description...
so it sounded like I would just be used wherever they needed me that day.
Hmm, not so much.
I had 30 kindergarteners from 8:20-11.
The aid didn't arrive till after 10am.
And these were the most out of control 5 year olds ever.
Well, I should be careful about calling them "five."
Because one of the boys was very upset that the kids at his table were "treating him like he was 5."
He was totally SIX years old. 
I almost laughed out loud, not gonna lie.
I normally don't have too much of a problem keeping or getting classes' attention and keeping control.
But this was just impossible.
I was discipling all over the place.
More than I have had to do in all my other jobs combined.

And then...I had 10 minutes before moving on to the First Grade.
I walked in and thought, "This is going to be a great class. I can just tell."
Again, not so much. 
At one point during the afternoon I actually had to shout to be heard.
I have NOT had to raise my voice to this extent and I REALLY hated doing it.
I'm a nice person.
I respect you if you respect me.
But believe me, there was NO respect in this room.
There were some of the most indignant students I've ever encountered.
It was hard.
And I only had a 30 minute break (for lunch) all day. 

And then when I got home I had to teach an hour of piano lessons.
Kevin said, "Well, at least your piano students will listen to you."

The day did get miraculously better when I checked my email briefly.
And there was a notification from the library.
LOST: The Complete Third Season was IN!!
We've been eagerly awaiting this arrival!
At 5:00 we raced over to the library and discovered that Season Two had also arrived.
That discovery made my entire day of crappiness become wonderful. 
Don't judge. 

When we got back home I started on dinner.
I wasn't really up for an hour and a half in the kitchen but it was SO worth it.
I created a Spicy Ranch Patty Melt that was to DIE for.
And made Annie's oven fries that were fantastic. 
I can't wait to share the recipes later. 

We sat down to dinner and LOST.
And had a happily ever after evening after all.

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