March 3, 2010

The One where She Bites the Dust. Again.

What is my deal?!
How is it possible that just 7 days after fighting the flu I get knocked down once more?
Kevin and I just can't figure this out.
I am very sanitary. 
Thanks to Mom, R.N. 
I take my vitamins. 
I eat well.
Sleep well.
Et cetera. Et cetera. 
Kevin doesn't take too many precautions when it comes to his life.
He lives without stress or fear or inhibitions.
And as a result rarely gets sick.
I, on the other hand, apparently reap the consequences of my stress-filled neat and clean lifestyle by getting sick again and again.

But this time was just plain ridiculous.
I mean, not even a week?!
And this time was worse than all the others.
I was absolutely, positively miserable.
Especially Monday night.
Worst. Night. Ever.
No sleep could be found.
Ever joint screamed with pain. 
Nothing was comfortable.
I couldn't breathe.
Couldn't get any productive nose blowing done. 
(Still can't.) 
Lymph nodes swollen to the size of softballs.
Dreaded swallowing.
Felt terrible.
I think my tossing and turning kept Kevin from getting his usual undisturbed sleep.
Though I didn't actually wake him.
It seemed like I did, but apparently he really can sleep talk. 

I'm still not back to health.
And along the way I've managed to get three calls for subbing.
In two days.
Missed opportunities.
I have a problem with focusing on missed opportunities. 
Just ask you know who. 
But I definitely couldn't have worked.
Not for even a minute. 
Kevin was thankfully able to take my piano students' lessons yesterday.
How great is that?
And I'm still not sure I'll be up to working tomorrow.
I'm at least able to sit up at the computer and think (semi) straight.
I couldn't say that about Tuesday.

But now my stuffy nose has totally taken over my life.
Well, my eating habits at least.
I hate not being able to taste anything.
It really takes the fun out of eating.
And I love eating.
I've also managed to go through a whole roll and a half of toilet paper.
For my nose.
We ran out of tissues.
I've drank more water and tea than I thought possible.
Which is insane if you know me and my water drinking habits.
And yesterday all three meals consisted of cereal. Bran flakes no less.
Nothing else sounded good.
My stomach just wasn't quite right.

But we did watch Madagascar for the first time.
It was pretty entertaining.
My favorite part was having Kevin hold me on his lap through most of it.
And he even rubbed my back.
And this morning he took me for a walk--albeit slow and short.
It was nice to just get out of the house (and chair) and stretch my legs. 

Now, if I could only clear my sinus passages long enough to thoroughly enjoy the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream Kevin surprised me with this afternoon.


  1. Being sick stinks! Hope you start feeling better. Maybe you're just having your "run" and now you won't be sick for a few years.

  2. Sorry to hear you are so ill, Mel! I'll be praying for you :-) Hopefully you'll be feeling back to your normal self very soon and then stay healthy!!

    On a different note, I love the look of your blog and I'm wondering how in the world you did that thing with the font? It's really cute!

  3. Adorkable... I LOVE IT.

    New here - sorry you are sick. Sick is the WORST.

  4. AWE! I hope you feel better! That is pretty insame for sickness to piggy back you like that. Send "get well" vibes!

  5. Hope you´re feeling better soon. Your photo atop the blog is cute.


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