February 19, 2010

The One with the Wondering Week

It's been a bit of a busy week.
And I can't help by think, "How do they do it?"
At the risk of sounding totally naive and unexperienced, I give you the following thought process.
How does a woman care and love for her husband?
Work all day long?
Keep the house clean?
Make dinner? And lunches? And breakfasts? And plan for the next day's meals?
Participate in church commitments?
Disciple and minister to those in the church?
Bring in the mail? Take out the trash?
And on top of all of that raise many children?

And still find time to spend alone with God?
With husband?
Time to relax with a book? or with a favorite tv show?
Keep up on scrapbooking? crafting? blogging?
And get a good night's rest? so as to get up and do it all again tomorrow?
With a joyful spirit?


I think there's one thing I've learned these last few days.
I'm not cut out to be SuperWoman.
When we have children, I want time to focus on them.
And time alone with my love and my God.
And not detract from those precious moments with thoughts of grocery lists, meal plans, conflict management, and more.

I subbed three days this week.
Wednesday was computer education for K-6th.
Thursday morning was 4th grade--three math lessons (rotating classrooms).
Afternoon was 5th grade.
And I got a call at 5pm Thursday night for today's job.
K-4 Art today.
I was looking forward to it.
I have found I really enjoy the days when I teach one subject to multiple different classrooms.
At the elementary age.
It's nice.
Especially when you see students you subbed for last week and they are excited to see you.
That's always a nice feeling.
Today was totally unexpected, though.
The teacher didn't know she was getting a sub.
She was at the school today but everyone was crazy busy working with the all-day, all-school Olympics.
So I was kind of the go-to girl for whatever anyone needed.
I helped 2nd graders get into costume for their Swedish portion of the "Parade of the Countries."
I videotaped the Olympic sporting events.
I was in charge of the kindergarten art class for an hour.
Lots of coloring and Little Bear.
And tattling.
And talking.
And potty breaks.
And name calling.

Although I must admit, I enjoy having power over a group of 30 students with a simple rhythmic clap. *clap *clap *clapclapclap (echo.)
High schoolers don't respond well to this form of attention getting.

All in all it was a great day and I had many teachers ask for my sub job call number.
I think I made a good impression and in turn I was quite impressed with the caliber of teachers.
They were all great to work with and I could see their love for the students.
I've learned a pet peeve of mine is adults who have completely negative opinions of children.
No matter what the circumstances, the kids can do no right.
They warn you of the "bad" classes.
Wish you a sarcastic "good luck."
I mean, seriously, here people.
Your life would be so much less stressful if you gave each student new mercies each day.

Hmm, familiar concept, anyone?

After stopping by Aldi for a few groceries (in hopes that I don't have to do anything Saturday), I came home to prepare for dinner.
Kevin's Mom, Dad, and Bro were joining us for a belated celebration gift of Dad's birthday.
I made a BBQ pork roast with potatoes and carrots.
A side salad.
And biscuits.
And a Streusal Apple Pie for dessert.

We had a great time spending the evening with them.
And I'm so thankful to have a spare bedroom to offer them.

In fact, I think my own bed is calling my name.
Shouting even.


  1. I was at Aldi tonight too! in hopes of not having to go anywhere tomorrow either. :) and, you'll learn, one baby at a time how to juggle it all... or I guess what you can juggle and what you can't. I had to step WAY back from church stuff when the girls were babies. now that they are getting older, I can do more. but I still love the days that I can just focus on them. you can do it! : )

  2. yes it is hard! you just have to give it all to God and try to use moderation in everything. it is amazing though being a parent!

  3. Dear Mel:

    1. YOU taught a computer class... go tell your freshman self that!! She'd be shocked!!

  4. 2. You video taped - I'm soo proud!!


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