February 1, 2010

The One where She Can't Keep From Singing

Things I did not do this weekend.
MckMama has quite a list of her own "not me" confessions.
Here are a few of mine.

When asked by our teens if all the brownies were gone
I certainly did not say, "Nope!" after having put away the remaining morsels of chocolately goodness to enjoy myself later on.
I wouldn't be that sneaky!
(And though the previous situation never happened, I will admit that I told two of the girls where to find the leftovers.
Boys just eat too many, too fast!)

I did not thoroughly enjoy joining forces with my husband and Pastor Dale and Pam
as we utterly embarrassed their teenage son, Chris with not-so-subtle comments of what may or may not happen behind closed doors these next two days while we are all at the Pastor-Spouse Retreat.
Nope, not me!
I would never relish in someone's red face, nor would I make mention of the marriage bed.

I have just recently been in contact with my choir director from college as I help one of our high school seniors in the audition process.
It was great talking to him again and I was touched when he included a link to this YouTube video which my friend, Britt, happened to have uploaded in 2007.
The recording is from our Spring Concert after returning from Choir Tour.
Singing How Can I Keep From Singing, here is the Spring Arbor University Concert Choir with yours truly singing the soprano solo and my good friend, Stella, singing alto.

I'm definitely not rather impressed with the number of views (18k+) this video has received
and am honored by many of the comments.
I was not thrilled with the privilege to perform.
(I do, however, apologize in advance for all but the last phrase of the song. EEeeek! Stupid cracking voice.)
And it certainly wasn't me who was excited to have her long ago performance acknowledged this way by her director.
Nope, not me.


  1. Stopping by from MckMama's place.

    I do NOT ever hide the treats from my roommates and pretend they're all gone. Nope! Not me!

  2. Yep! I posted that and soo many people watch it!


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