February 15, 2010

The One with my First and Forever Valentine

I'm having trouble remembering what I intended to write here.
Because of Bianca.

Let me see.
Ironically enough, we now have a cat.
Specifically, we're cat-sitting.
For something like a month.
When we were asked to watch this 13 year old cat named Butterscotch, we thought it was the perfect compromise.
I had wanted a "trial kitty."
But you can't exactly rent a cat for a few days to see if you'll like it.
The return policy it a bit stickier than that of Walmart.
So having an old, trained, fixed cat who regularly deals with a toddler sounded like a great idea.
And so far, it's been just fine.
Butterscotch is too old and unmotivated and still just plain nervous to pursue Bianca in her cage on Kevin's desk.
(Not that this strange combination of animals will be a problem much longer though.

Butterscotch is an interesting cat.
I think he's just scared to death at his change in owners for the time being.
He's lived with Amber for the last 13 years.
And we're just different.
He's been hiding.
Under the couch.
Behind the piano.
In the recliner.
Behind the entertainment center.
He meows like no cat I've ever heard.
It's loud.
And almost "moo" like. Or maybe "maaaaaahhhw."
But mostly just loud.
And he's hissed at me twice.
Not Kevin.
No, Kevin has super human relationships with cats.
All cats love him.
I cannot say the same.

I didn't do anything wrong.
I just poked my head around the chair to say hello.
But then a second later he meowed at me again.
And let me pet him.
So I think he was just startled.
Yeah, we'll go with that.

This morning was a vast improvement in Butterscotch's life at our house.
At 5:30 when our alarm when off, we hear "Maaaaaahhhw."
Over and over again.
Butterscotch (or Buttscotch. or Scotch. or Butterball. or BS. Or.....) was waiting in the hallway to say good morning.
That was really nice.
He's been hiding again, but it's one step at a time, right?

Know what else was great about this morning?
The Valentine I found waiting for me on my desk.
You may remember my mentioning that our "celebration" of Valentine's Day was going to be casual. and spread out.
We had a deep dish pizza date on Thursday.
Watched a lot of LOST Friday.

Then Friday night the 3 Bible quizzers were here for the night.
I went to be at 9:40pm.
Because we had to be up at 5. leaving at 6.
To drive 190 miles to the quiz.
And spend 6 hours there.
And then drive 190 miles back.
I wanted to be rested.
But alas, my normally easily to sleep body would NOT shut down.
I couldn't go to sleep until well past midnight.
NOT cool.
In fact, all day Saturday I felt more exhausted and my eyes burning worse than I ever remember.
Not to mention I was having terrible contact problems...feeling like there was an irritant in my left eye all day.

When we got back home, I baked a cake for the two teens with birthdays.
And Kevin picked up Butterscotch.
And then we chilled.
I slept well that night.

Sunday morning, Kevin said "Happy Valentine's Day" right away.
And had told me he'd be saving the more special Valentine for Monday.
Since Sunday is rather taken up with Church.
And church potluck.
And prepping for youth group.
And youth group.
I was fine with that.
He also said it was nothing too big. nothing too special.
And I asked, "Does it come from the heart?"
And he said, "Yes."
And I said, "That's all I want."

Which leads me to this morning's perfect Valentine.
The most beautiful letter I've ever read.
(And he's sent me some amazing notes before!)
Written just for me.
From my Lover.
It's entitled "Truth."
Its words are filled with promises I can hold on to.
Those aspects of our relationship that are forever reliable.

A few excerpts, shared with permission.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

It bears repeating, because it's what I feel every morning when I wake up next to you. Through all our trials from within and without, I fall more in love with you every day. Your silliness, organization, and motivation continually endear yourself to me...

You are my perfect woman...

But here is the best part of the Truth. I will never leave. I will always be here. I will always love you. I will always provide and care you for...

You are my beloved.

Yes. I am well aware of what an incredible husband God gave me.
Though I'm just beginning to learn how incredible.
How breathtaking.
How faithful.
How forgiving.

I love you.

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  1. Isn't it great to be blessed with such a great husband? So sweet! My husband also wrote me a thoughtful poem for V-day. We had a Mexico missions trip meeting after church, but later went out on a "great date." It was quite fun! I recommend checking out the site.



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