February 22, 2010

The One with the Flu. Again.

Another day of brutal honesty with MckMama is upon us.
Here are a few things I definitely did not do this weekend:

::come down with my fourth or fifth bout of the flu on Saturday.
::ask my husband to go through his clothes and get rid of things for the rummage sale...and then argue with him about what stays and what goes.
::sleep in until 8:15 today when the snow day alert came through.
::bake chocolate chip cookies (and eat a few) and comment on how delicious the peanut butter cookies were in front of my husband who gave up desserts for Lent. [oops.]
::play Soul Caliber on Game Cube with my husband. And proudly whoop his tush once or twice.
::find three bags of clothes to donate. (I definitely don't have too many clothes.)
::whip through book three of the Redemption series only to find out I hadn't yet requested book four from the library. NOOooooooooooooo!

In more specific news:

Today is another snow day.
I am thankful.
Yesterday and the day before I was down with the flu.
What is that? 4 or 5 times this season?
What does a girl have to do to get a break?
And no, I didn't get my flu shot this year, but there's a good reason for that.
The past 3 years that I have gotten the flu shot, I still came down with another strain of the flu at least 2 or 3 times.
Not worth it, I say.
And I don't know which is worse--
being down and out and absolutely deathly ill with the flu for 2+days and not getting the flu any more that season.
OR being down and out with the flu for 24 hours and getting the same flu 4 more times that season.

But seriously.
This thing is so predictable for me.
Here's how it goes down. Every. Time.
Out of nowhere the left side of my throat starts hurting.
Mostly when I swallow.
I comment on it and say I think this means I'm getting sick.
Within 20 minutes the throat is hurting worse and whether or not I'm swallowing.
Then come the aches.
Crazy body pains that affect every muscle, every joint, every tendon.
Sometimes I think it's because I just went running that morning, but then I realize that my rib cage never hurts after running.
Then I'm chilling.
And totally fatigued.
And a headache comes on.
And then there's the ear pain.

All of this occurs within about an hour's time.
It comes hard and fast and out of nowhere every. single. time.
Oh, wait.
I think I said that already.

But I think I'm back to my regular self together.
And luckily there was not toilet seat hugging involved.
For that I am thankful.
I wasn't able to make it to church yesterday though.
Which is a really difficult decision to make.
Because I have so many responsibilities.
But I didn't want to make myself more sick.
Or pass on this bug to anyone else in the church who happens to be susceptible.

My husband did a great job getting everything done I would have needed to do during, after, and before the church service.
Thanks, Babe.
And he snuggled me whenever I wanted him to.
And went to bed at 9:40 with me.
And watched far too many episodes of LOST with me.
He's great.

So this morning, it was a blessing to hear that all the schools are closed.
Because if I had gotten a call to substitute I would have had a hard time deciding whether or not I should go in.
Was I well enough?
Would the day be too much for me?
Would I pass on the sickness to others?

But I must say, it's highly possible that the reason I got hit again with this influenza thing is all thanks to the days I've spent with snot nosed elementary school students.

But I love them anyways.


In other news, Butterscotch and I are now best friends.
He meows for me.
Snuggles with me for hours.
Gets hair all over me.
Walks on my heals through the house in the morning.
Waits outside the bedroom door for me to wake up.
Comes straight for me when he opens the office door with his little paw.
He's great.

And I call him Baby.
Even though he's more of an old man.
He's 13 and I'm pretty sure his back legs are riddled with arthritis.
Poor guy.
He struggles to stand up.
And jumping onto the chair with me is quite a feat.
It's sad to watch, but I am glad I don't have to worry about him being motivated enough (or even capable) of jumping onto my tables or counters.
He's totally low maintenance.
With the exception of the shedding.
Geez louise.
I can't count how many lint roller sheets I've gone through.
But I like having him around.
Should be interesting to see what the end of this month will bring.
Will his owner want him back for sure or will she have just gotten into a nice routine without him?
Not sure.
But we'll take it as it comes.


  1. Awww, so sorry to hear you've been down with the bug (again). I *hate* getting sick! Get well soon!

  2. Being sick is terrible. I hate it. I hope you feel better and don't get sick for the rest of the season. I love your Not Me List. My husband gave up sweets for lent too and I totally eat Reeces Peanut Butter Cups in front of him and it's awesome. I love your blog title. I have been trying to think of a creative title for mine forever....but I've still come up with nothing. Nice "meeting" you, I love your food blog!


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