February 3, 2010

The One with the Muth

Wonderful snippets from the Pastor-Spouse Retreat.
Frankenmuth, MI post Snowfest weekend.
Chinese buffet in a German tourist town.
Room with a king sized bed and poolside entrance.
Seeing old friends.
Talking with recently made friends.
Making new friends.
Not being the "noobs."
Hearing a totally new perspective of Galatians 6:9.
(Do not lose heart in doing the beautiful.
You may not see the fruit of your work soon. Or ever in this life.
Speaking of fruit.
I learned Galatians 5:22-23 is about the FRUIT of the Spirit.
Not the fruitS of the Spirit.
It's not a pick and choose thing.
It's all or none.)
Worshipful music. Solid musicians.
Delicious dinner of the Western persuasion.
A Kroger run for nighttime snacks.
Pepper Jack Cheez-Its and Diet Coke in BED!
Late night trip to the adults only pool and hot tub.
Had an...entertaining...conversation with a slightly buzzed couple.
Who then invited us to the in-house bar.
Glad they enjoyed our company and weren't deterred by our "title."
Walking around downtown through beautifully enormous snowflakes fluttering down all around us.
Buy 3 slices of fudge, get one free plus a bag of almonds.
Spending time with Dale and Pam.
Taking crazy photos. Examples to follow.
Chocolate peanut butter CHEESE?! Who does that?! NOT cool, Muth, not cool.
Coupons. Enough said.
A late afternoon treadmill date after an early afternoon nap.
Watching stoic pastors get a little crazy during a "rodeo."
Spending quality time with my husband. Different environments are surprisingly refreshing.

Catching up with Emily. What a wonderful woman. I heart her.

This is me. About to be awesome at lassoing a saddle.
My excitement displayed itself in a shrill cry of, "I got it!"
Many of the 150+ attendees got quite the laugh from that.

This is where we found our fudge.
I picked out chocolate peanut butter (fudge, not cheese.)
Kevin chose chocolate raspberry.
(eew. he's smart. knows I won't want to snitch any of it.)

walking around downtown with Dale and Pam.
Enjoying the sights of snow and ice sculptures at Snowfest.

my husband is funny.
here, he is trying to imitate this bearded dragon lizard thing.

us in front of the real life Atlantis.


Here, I will sacrifice myself in his place.
Scapegoat if you will.

best pose ever.
Simba and Nala.
Kevin and Mel.
It's true love.

a covered bridge.
trying to be as cool as the covered bridges from my hometown.
and check out the snowflakes.

I love this photo.
It captures our silliness.
My sheer joy and laughter of being with him.
He thinks it's lame.
That it looks like I'm mocking him as he tries to kiss me.

you be the judge.

ahh, yes, the one and only Bavarian Inn Lodge.

A few of the many who got into costume for the Western Theme of the night.
I will admit it.
We were party poopers.
Or so it appeared.
But we're just not costume people.
Though I thoroughly enjoy looking at those who are.

As you can tell, we had a lovely time.
Now, I will return to my long-awaited inter-library-loan copy of Redemption.
Large print edition.

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