March 17, 2009

The One with the Cool Breeze, Tight Squeeze...(now you got the shiveries...)

Currently, I'm enjoying the sight of two little girls learning to bike ride in the church parking lot.  I LOVE warm weather.  My ideal temperature range is 60-70F.  Much higher and I'm not as thrilled.  Much lower and yeah...Anyways.

I just had a little scare.  I looked at the clock and it was 6:00.  I had missed Gilmore Girls!  Again!  Second night in a row!  shoot!  (It's not like I've seen them before or anything.)  But wait.  I had DVR-ed the show and not even realized it.  Woot.  Ok, so maybe I'm a little over dramatic.  But I'm ok with that.  I'll refer to it as "passion."  

Potatoes were on the menu for dinner.  I couldn't decide between sweet potatoes and the classic Idaho version.  So I went with both!  We split a sweet potato prepared baked french fry style and a small baked potato.  All was going well.  Until...I removed the baking pan that had held the fully cooked Idahos, filled it with the sweet potato fries and proceeded to use my bare hand to put the still-blazing-hot pan back in the oven.  This quickly failed and resulted in my dropping the pan and spilling the lightly oiled and seasoned fries all over the oven door and the floor.  yowzers.  I was not too happy.  But it ended well, so let's just forget about that.

I also whipped up a batch of granola bars and tried a new bread recipe--jalapeno cheddar cornmeal loaf--for Kevin.  Both are successes!

With the extended periods of daylight, Kevin & I have had lots of time to spend together out doors.  Last night we utilized the net-less basketball hoop in the church parking lot and shot some baskets for a bit.  (I'm very glad I can't publicly disgrace myself as I would if the hoop were in our driveway.)  And tonight we used our baseball gloves to play catch for 45 minutes or so.  We did this on Saturday too.  It's quite fun, actually.  Conversation is had, quality time is spent, and a little physical activity is never wasted. :)

Now to enjoy a relaxing evening with the windows open.


  1. Ok, so I have been watching Gilmore Girls like crazy! One of the girls I live with has all 7 seasons. I started at season 1 and am now on season 7. All this after winter break! haha I love that show!

  2. I LOVE It too! One of my housemates senior year had all 7 seasons too! I still haven't seen 6 or 7 b/c ABC family apparently doesn't own the rights to it. :-/ I'll just have to buy them all myself I guess! ha,ha! It's great that Kevin likes GG too! :)

  3. Melvin,
    I don't have anything to say.

  4. oh yeah - I remember now - I was going to say that the bread sounds gross.... and not in the gross - synonym to Sweet, kind of gross, the Yucky - kind of gross.... but thats ok cuz I don't have to eat it, Kevin does and he would like that!

  5. I think the bread sounds great! Mel, are you going to post the recipe? I have some jalapenos in the refrigerator.
    Dad E.

  6. Why thank you, Dad! :) And the recipe is posted now!


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