March 4, 2009

The One that's All Better

First of all, you should check out my latest addition to the recipe blog:  Southwest Chicken/Chili.

I just got back from Cafe Classics --a great little coffee house/diner in "downtown" Monroe.  Not only was my peanut butter cup latte glorious, but the fellowship I had with an SAU friend, Amanda was even better!  I met her in choir my senior year and really only knew her for the first semester as she left choir after that.  She just recently posted on my facebook wall that she too lived in Monroe and, in fact, drives by my house every day on her way to the college down the road!  How cool is that!?  So we set up a coffee date for this afternoon and I'm so glad we did!  Though we didn't know each other very well at SAU, it was great to connect with a friend--a girl my age--someone who's super easy to talk to--and to know that she's a couple miles away!  *happy*  

Also, I think the laughter & conversation were good medicine for the way I was starting to feel this morning--achy stomach, achy head, sore throat, sore all over--all bad signs.  But at the moment, I'm doing pretty well.  I hope it doesn't come back with a vengeance. 

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