March 7, 2009

The One with the Catchup

Yesterday I started feeling much better.  My nose was still dripping like a faucet and I added sneezing to my list of symptoms, but my body wasn't as weak and achy as it had been Thursday.  Because of that I was able to take a 45 minute walk (mixed a tiny bit of jogging) enjoying the warm weather and listening to some great worship music.  After that, I still felt energized and ended up cleaning out the front flower bed.  A rake would have been extremely helpful to clean up the 5 inch deep layer of debris and dead leaves.  However, I plowed through with my new hand trowel and gardening gloves.  It took a good 45 minutes of pulling and raking and piling and sweeping and bagging to stuff all the compost into 3 garbage bags.  It was invigorating to find beautiful green plant life pushing up through the earth despite the layers of leaves that had been covering the bulbs.  The flower bed doesn't look that fabulous right now, but it's a job I've been wanting to get done and I'm looking forward to planting my own flower seeds and tending to their growth this spring and summer.  

After showering I opened up most of our windows and really enjoyed airing out the house for the first time since November.  The 60 degree weather was a welcome change.  I then went to work doing some dusting and much needed redecorating in the living room.  I love how the simple changes bring such freshening and satisfaction.  

That afternoon I whipped up a batch of No Bake Cookies with this recipe.  They were amazingly simple and delicious!  Then I headed outside to enjoy what remained of the warm afternoon.  I made trip after trip after trip piling sticks and branches and twigs on the pile behind the garage.  I couldn't believe how many had fallen since the snow began.  I really appreciate the mowing that some of the church members do for us and I didn't want them to have to be the ones to pick up the debris.  I also enjoyed the excuse for a little extra activity and sun soaking (in short sleeves!)

Kevin arrived home around 6pm as I pulled roasted potatoes out of the oven and seasoned tilapia off the skillet.  As I went to hug him he handed me something--a fast food plastic wrapped spoon.  It was from Wendy's.  I was instantly curious and my wheels starting turning.  "A frosty? Did you buy me a Frosty?"  I exclaimed excitedly.  He stood there quietly and watched as I discovered the cup hidden in his hand under his coat.  His face quickly broke into a grin as I squealed (quite loudly) with sheer delight!  Yippee!!!  (You see I've been craving ice cream almost every day for quite some time now.  Thursday he blessed me by bringing home some Edy's from Meijer.  The only sad part was that it was Cookies and Cream...a gluten-laden choice.  Shoot!  So he brought the Frosty home to bless me again!!)  

Today we're off to Spring Arbor again.  We're meeting Britt & Nick for lunch and then heading to the SAFMC for Kaitlyn & Kevin's wedding and reception.  We're hoping to be able to catch most all of the "action" before having to drive to Milan in time for Chris's school production of Tom Sawyer.  *whew*  It should be a long but wonderful day!

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