March 13, 2009

The One with the Improvements

My husband is feeling better.  That makes me feel better.   When one of us is sick it's like we're both sick.  You know...the "two halves of the whole" thing. 

We have been thoroughly enjoying my birthday present as of late.  FRIENDS on DVD is super cool.  
The last few days have been filled with multiple mugs of hot tea.  Mostly because my hands are icicles.  But hey!  If our gas and electric bills go down, it's all worth it.  Tea is a good drink anyways.  It's like glorious tasting water.  (Which I also drink as if it were the source of life itself.)  I can hardly believe I used to dislike tea.  I'm glad I'm over that.

Tonight we're double dating.  We're pretty stoked about finding friends our age in the area. Three cheers for Pete's Garage and new friendships.

I had my GI appt. yesterday afternoon.  It went well I think.  He's not convinced it's Celiac and doesn't want to make that diagnosis too hastily because he knows it's a lifelong commitment to a more expensive and more complicated way of life.  It could be a gluten intolerance which isn't as severe.  I'm pretty convinced that I'll be staying away from the gluten forever because the improvements over the last 3 weeks have been phenomenal. Just ask my husband. ;D  In any case, I have an endoscopy scheduled for April 10th.  Then they will know for sure.  

Now I must finish up small group plans, start scrapbooking, watch Mamma Mia, and ....other stuff.


  1. I'm glad you guys are feeling better! I'm also happy to hear that your tummy situation has improved :) From what I hear, once you get used to a gluten-free lifestyle, it's not all that difficult.

    Have an excellent weekend!

  2. What are you scrapbooking right now?


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