December 12, 2008

The One with the Work Week

Today is my day off.  Monday was really rough.  I hated my job.  Tuesday was...ok I guess.  Wednesday was much much better.  Thursday was rather enjoyable.  I'm kinda sad I have to say "goodbye" to my two [60 something year old female] coworkers and the consumers [the mentally disabled] we serve.  Highlights of the week include:  
...getting a mailing of 200 out by 10:30am on Monday.
...realizing that we had forgotten to include a donation slip in each of those 200 envelopes but moving on.
...realizing on Wednesday that the 2nd half of the 200 letters had the completely wrong letter in it and not knowing for sure which homes those wrong letters were sent to.
...starting the mailing all over again on Wednesday.  Being proud of my speed and accuracy.  Then being informed that the apology letter was never printed to be included in the mailing of 200 and having to unseal all 200 envelopes.  
...pack, seal, stack.  unseal, unseal unseal. repack. reseal, stack, repeat.
...being told I'm totally worth the money they're paying me. =D  
...being told they're not sure what they'll have me do next week because I'm so super fast I got everything done this week.
...having to forcefully inform my forceful boss (who happens to be a good friend of mine) that I will NOT eat whatever calorie loaded treat she buys me from McDonald's at 9am.  There were goodies everywhere.  As if I don't already struggle with saying "No" she bought me a cinnamon roll on Tuesday despite my rejection of her offer.  I ate it because I didn't want to waste it.  But I took drastic measures on Wednesday and it worked. :)  Also, I refused to eat fast food every day for lunch (even though it was bought for me) and started packing.

Friday=frosting cookies. showering (the first and primary goal at this moment).  preparing for the big open house we're having on Wednesday.  I don't know what else.  But it will be full.  

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