December 5, 2008

The One in Brief (not of the underwear sort)

.printer won't print.
.reruns=sometimes exciting.  sometimes annoying.
.lots of presents already wrapped and under the tree.
.why wouldn't this lady with obscenely long hair let What Not to Wear cut it?.
.baking is the best.
.molasses sugar cookies.
.dozens of sugar cookie cutouts.
.mint chocolate chip cookies.
.my first attempt at biscotti...coming right up.
.temporary secretary job starts Monday. subbing for the jury dutified secretary.  6 hours a day.  4 days a week.  two or more weeks.  bonus finances.!.
.missing hanging of the greens. sad day. 
.husband won't be home until late.  professors can be irriating.


  1. Okay, you HAVE to post some pictures of all these delicious goodies you keep talking about. :) I'm curious to know how the biscotti turned out!

  2. some happy... some sad.... I heart you anyways!!!


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