December 22, 2008

The One Where it's FRIGID Outside

Bundle up, my friends, bundle up.  

Our three day weekend was quite wonderful.  Lots of quality time, too much hot cocoa, our millionth viewing of Home Alone, and a snowman that rivals all snowmen.  (See this post for a photo.)  Sunday morning was the annual church Christmas breakfast prepared by one family to all of us.  The turnout was wonderful and the food was fabulous!  I filled myself to brim figuring it would be lunch too. :D  The kid's Christmas program went off without a adorable and as mishap-filled as could be expected.  I was hidden behind an "inn" prompting the kids to sing carols on cue.  It was quite fun actually and made me realize that I am turning in to my mom.  I had a sort of "out of body" experience in that, as I was squatting down singing loudly to the kids, mouthing words precisely, and motioning to smile and sing louder I suddenly felt like I WAS my mom.  She did the exact same thing back when I was in the children's programs.  =)   Anyways...

Marge & I sang "Mary, Did You Know?" and Kevin tells me it sounded great. :)  I really do love that song though.  Just think of asking Mary, "Do you realize that 'this child that you deliver will soon deliver you?'"

Pastor Dale recommended that Youth Group be cancelled due to the bad wind and below freezing temperatures so we had the entire evening free.  It worked out well because Gma & Gpa A as well as Mom & Dad E & Brian were visiting for the afternoon for our Christmas celebration together.  We had a great time munching on baked goods, exchanging stories, discussing differing family traditions (that we don't often realize are "traditions"), and opening great gifts!  

Kevin & I are getting ready to start our own traditions and are really loving our first Christmas as husband and wife.  We are spending Christmas afternoon and the weekend with my family so don't look for too many updates too soon. :)

Merry Christmas, friends.  May you celebrate the gift of the Child and pour out blessings on those who need us this holiday.  


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