January 21, 2013

km photography | Josh & Amanda's Wedding

Back in December we had the awesome opportunity to photograph Josh & Amanda's wedding. This lovely couple became friends of ours during our time in Monroe, Michigan as we shared lives in a small group, lead the youth ministry together, and went on a few double dates. In November 2011, we made the trip from our newly settled New York home to Monroe to shoot their engagement photos. A few months later we were honored to be asked to be their wedding photographers.

December 21st, 2012 (12-21-12) was a freezing cold day with gusty winds and a temperature that made outdoor photos questionable. Both Amanda and I were pushing for outdoors (I shoot much better in natural light), so we gave it a go. My toes ended up slightly numb (she traded shoes with me at the end! The girls were wearing Ugg boots for these pictures.), and I'm pretty sure the girls were frozen despite their adorable black shrugs, but it was a success. 

I loved being behind the scenes with the bridesmaids as they got dolled up for the big event. It was such a great way to help out as I could and get to know each girl better. Knowing your photo subjects makes photography that much easier (and way more fun!) 

Kevin and I both had a blast at this all-day event. It was great spending all that time with Josh & Amanda  on this momentous occasion and I hope they feel the same. Thanks, guys, for this opportunity and for your business! 

Here are few favorites from that special day together.





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