March 26, 2012

The One with a Question for the Married Folks

Remember reading about Union28 last week? Did you all go shopping yet?! 

Marriage isn't just about lovey-dovey holidays and candlelit dinners and moonlight walks on the beach. If you've been married longer than a month, you've probably figured this out. 

Marriage is about 

Paying bills together--making those ends meet.
Ministering in the church together.
Spending time with them doing something they love (even if it doesn't interest you at all!) 
Taking care of them when they're sick (even if it involves gross snot or nasty vomit). 
Letting him vent when he comes home from work (and not trying to make him feel better.)
Listening to her heartache (and not trying to fix it unless she asks.) 
Thanking him for dinner out (even it's McDonald's.)
Thanking her for the dinner she took the time to make. 
Deciding together who takes out the trash, who does the laundry, who does the yardwork, etc.
Being willing to help when they ask (even if you're in the middle of something.) 
Sharing your hopes and dreams (without fear of judgment).

...and for all those reason and so many more, we should be making sure our spouses know how much THEY ROCK.   This adorable video poses the question "Why does your spouse rock," and today I'm asking you to share with me (and more importantly) with your spouse why they rock. 

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  1. Yes ma'am! I tell people that Ken is counseling that the wedding is ONE day. Marriage is forever and a day.

  2. What a fun video!! :) love seeing couples share what they love about their spouse... My husband rocks because he keeps life INTERESTING! lol


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