March 2, 2012

The One with a Just Plain Lovely Kinda Day

Despite a few moments of bickering sprinkled throughout the day (hey, just being honest!), today was one of those days that led me to say, "This is my dream come true" at least twelve times. (Apparently, that means I have low-ish standards and/or that I don't fully comprehend the meaning of the phrase.) 

1. We laid on the couch together under the warmest afghan while chatting about our hopes and dreams (seriously) and reading our Bible passages for the day. 

2. We chatted about our hopes and dreams

3. On his day off, Kevin was willing to take the afternoon and spend it shopping with me. We returned his iPod to Best Buy (and browsed, because it's one of his favorite stores). 

4. We headed to Sam's Club--one of our favorite date spots. Not kidding. Yes, it's somewhat lame. But the pop is super cheap and samples totally rock. Especially in the cereal aisle today! We browsed and laughed A LOT. (Oh, and we got our tires rotated for free.) 

5. Our GPS guided us to the new location of Fleet Feet--an actual running store. I've been wanting to get my feet professionally fitted and my running stride/pronation assessed for...oh...about five years. Dream. come. true. I didn't end up buying a pair of shoes today (I can't impulse buy like least when it comes to $100), but the worker was really nice and super helpful--and he even geeked out with Kevin over bio and chem stuff.  

*side note. I was really disappointed to find out that I overpronate. crap. And watching my feet on the video tape was just embarrassing--the wide angle of my stride is ick! Oh, and my silly big toe that curves up like some sort of elf foot was lovely poking out of the top of some of the shoes. Sheesh, Mel. You're lucky Kevin didn't marry you based on your feet. You would definitely NOT be married right now. :) 

So thanks, Babe, for such a fun afternoon! And for never once acting bored or irritated. You rock. 
Seriously, friends, My Husband Rocks


  1. What a lovely day!! Our favorite date place is Home Depot :)

  2. Awh! So adorable! :) well... adorkable. :)

  3. lol. eeew Sam's club. I hope one day I might like to go to Sam's club.

    I would like to take Nick to a running store... there are sooo many here!


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