November 6, 2011

The One with a Quick Convo

Tonight I got to talk to these people: 


It was so awesome and so spur of the moment. My phone had suddenly beep beep beeped with three text messages--all from Spiritfire girls (from our former youth group) thanking me for the cookies I baked for them. (Britta was awesome enough to order them from my little etsy shop and surprise the teens with them. How cool is that?!) And then it occurred to me--we didn't have Bible Quiz practice tonight--so we didn't have youth group until 7pm. It was only 5:45. We could totally Skype with our other "other" teens. 

Within minutes, we were "face" to "face" with our beloved students. Oh, how our hearts miss them. Talking with them, having them laugh at our stereotypical Kevin-and-Mel ridiculousness, hearing their familiar voices...*sigh* it just filled our hearts. 

We miss you guys. You'll forever be etched into our lives. 

1 comment:

  1. aww. :D we loved getting to see/talk to you guys!
    we miss you guys soooo much!<3


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