November 16, 2011

The One Where She Misses

I would just like to say that I'm really missing my mom & dad

Here's the thing--I've lived far away from them for years and years now. So it's not that I'm homesick. It's the fact that they've been on this experience-of-a-lifetime cruise to the Holy Land of Israel for the past two weeks. I am thrilled that they had this opportunity. But there's been no communicating with them for the past almost-14 days. *pouty face*  

Most of the time I don't go more than a couple days in without talking to my mom on the phone at least once. Sometimes we let it go close to a week and that feels like an eternity. But even in those long stretches of time it's comforting to know they're just a speed-dial away. Easy peasy. 

Darn Mediterranean Sea. I wish we would have thought to send them with one of our netbooks so they could have Skyped with us now again.  

Ask Kevin, I have said, "I miss my mom and dad" at least 4 times in the last couple days. I'm sad. I really want to talk to them. I should have been keeping sticky notes of what I have been wanting to tell them, just like Lorelai did with Rory. Oh well. 

Can't wait to talk to you guys! Love you!


  1. Awh! This is cute :-) I miss Momma Fish, too!

  2. ahhh that's cute! Yeah write sticky notes!!! I want to go to the Holy Land! I think that will be soo cool!

  3. We are back Mel. Very grateful for the fantastic experience, but even more grateful for the country we live in, and the home we had to come home, too. Missed talking to everyone, also. Love Mom


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