November 11, 2011

The One with the Packed Shoebox

The finished product--
Our 2011 Operation Christmas Child Shoebox! 


Kevin and I had a great time browsing aisle after aisle at the Dollar Tree on our Annual Shoebox Filling Date. Here's what we ended up choosing to fill our shoebox with:

Sesame Street Coloring Book.
3 Mini-Composition notebooks.
Colored Pencils.
Sparkly (regular) Pencils.
A huge package of pencil sharpeners (these sharpeners actually work--I own a couple myself.)
Mr. Caterpillar stuffed animal.
Pack of 5 toothbrushes.
Extra large toothpaste.
3 pack of Palmolive Soap
Googly Eyes. (<--all Kevin)
Colorful Beads. (Kevin again. He was all about the girly stuff that afternoon. So cute.)
A collection of 3 toy magnifying glasses. (ok, so this was Kevin too.)
Multi-colored Hair Ties
A blue jump rope. (Kevin, once again. How brilliant is a jump rope? Seriously, awesome.)

It was so much fun hearing from all of you about your experiences with OCC--especially you first-timers. Did you all have a great time filling your boxes to overflowing?

I encourage you to gather your family together, before shipment day, and pray over your box--over the child who will receive your gifts, your letter, your love, and the message of The Cross.


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  1. How in the world did you get all that in a shoebox?? It is a lot of fun buying and packing for a special child overseas.It'd be fun to see their expressions when they get the box.


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