November 4, 2010

The One with My Grandma's Nuptials

Last Saturday, my Grams got married. Yep, you read that correctly. She was a truly beautiful bride. (I'm a bit jealous--she's lost so much weight she's now lighter than me! Go, Grams!)  It was a beautiful weekend of celebration. Kevin ended up with a half day of subbing--meaning we could take off at 11am instead of 3pm. We got a bit of extra time "home" --just relaxing with mom. It was nice. 

Around 6pm we headed out for the rehearsal. Grandma had asked me to be the pianist--I was honored that she trusted me with this responsibility being a pianist herself. Kevin was asked to "take a few pictures." He borrowed his dad's Canon Rebel and took a bunch of practice shots at the rehearsal. The whole weekend was a great photography experience for him and we talked most of the way home about our dream of being a wedding photography team. 

After the rehearsal we headed to Covered Bridge--a pizza parlour located in a real 1800s covered bridge (that had been moved limb by limb and reconstructed in it's current location.) It's one of our little town's most popular hang outs. We had fun catching up with my aunts and uncle and cousins, and afterwards I went with mom over to Grams to hang out with her and Aunt Wendy and Aunt Linda. We had a fun little "girls night." My favorite part was when my grandma asked me for wedding night advice. HA!! 

The next morning, we had plenty of time to chill with family before heading to the wedding at noon. I sat at the piano playing, playing, playing for a half hour prior to the service--you know those old people--always arriving super early to everything. :) I did three different "specials" throughout the service, all of which went well. The ceremony was great, the family and bridal party (aka their kids) looked awesome, and the sanctuary was packed. (And Grandma thought there'd be handful of people. She underestimates how awesome she is and how many people love her.) 

I played for another half hour as the attendees filed out to greet the newlyweds, then I took over as photography coordinator. The perfect job for me--bossing people around comes naturally. We got some nice shots before Grams was beat (wow that sentence sounds terrible out of context), and then we all headed to a classy restaurant in the formerly-awesome "downtown." It was a really nice dinner and the whole family had a great time together. (I think Kevin finally knows my cousins!--it's only been 6 years! lol)

Congrats, Grams and Chuck! We love you guys! 
my beautiful extended family (minus 6 cousins and 1 uncle)

my immediate family

the laughter in this photo is priceless. 
(the four siblings--my mom, Aunt Linda, Uncle Scott, and Aunt Wendy)

another beautiful moment. 

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  1. I have been waiting and waiting for this post!! Grams looks great!!!! I also loved seeing Ash!!! I miss your family! It's been a long time since we've had a good hang out!


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