November 20, 2010

The One with 25 Things

In belated honor of my 25th birthday which was yesterday (which I didn't fully grasp until I actually wrote the date down around 10:15pm...), I have decided to share Twenty-five Things I'm Thankful for in my Twenty-five Years of Life. In no particular order (unless otherwise stated.) 

  1. The beautiful diamond ring on my finger. 
  2. The French I learned in high school. 
  3. Being Italian. ("ih-talian" not I-talian.)
  4. All of my birthday cakes. 
  5. The inside jokes I still laugh about with my sister. 
  6. Home videos. 
  7. Braces. 
  8. Headgear. (yeah, I know.)
  9. My stand mixer. 
  10. The 10-15 Bibles I own. 
  11. My love of chocolate. 
  12. My daddy's lap. 
  13. The need I have for organization. 
  14. My propensity for deep relationships. 
  15. Hot tea. 
  16. My mom, my friend. 
  17. A friendship that has lasted since birth. 
  18. Blogging. 
  19. My teenage girls. 
  20. The love of my husband. 
  21. The way my life is overflowing with rich relationships. 
  22. God's provisions. Always. 
  23. Running. 
  24. Worshiping my Lord. 
  25. The process of learning that life isn't about me. It's all about Jesus. ALL. about. JESUS. 
Thank you to everyone for your kind words, your messages, your texts, your phone calls, your ecards, the cards that are likely sitting in my mailbox until I return home, and to my husband for the awesomest Photoshopped birthday card ever. I love you all. 

1 comment:

  1. I am honored beyond measure to be on your list! Lamaze classes rule! :)

    Love you Melanie! Again, happy birthday!


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