November 3, 2010

The One with Craigslist

If you haven't visited, you need to. This classified ads website is, honestly, one of my guilty pleasures--pursuing the goods for sale. It's like window shopping! I keep a word document of things I want or need. (Mostly want. I have everything I need, after all.) Whenever I'm bored or if I know someone's looking for a particular item, I head to my local division of Craigslist and start shopping. So much fun. Kevin bought me my 23rd birthday gift (a brand new collection of Friends for $90--not $200), he discovered a great Schwinn road bike for riding around downtown, and we found his electric guitar listed there too. 

We've also had some serious success in the SELLING department of Craigslist. So far, we've gotten rid of an old stove, Kevin's classic iPod ($100!), our ellipse ($150! Hope that was ok, Mom and Dad!), our entertainment center ($75), and the road bike we bought on Craigslist for $20 (sold for $50!!). I currently have my wedding dress and my desktop computer listed. *fingers crossed*

Some of those items were sold within a week of posting. Others--like the entertainment center and ellipse--took a couple months to have an interested party follow through. But, they have been picked up and paid for and we are thankful! 

I have also used Craigslist for hunting down the local garage sales and for listing our piano lessons. 

Seriously, check it out and see if there's a Craigslist in your area! 

And don't miss the "Free" section. You know know what treasure you might come across!

*note: I am very careful to use an email address without last names or other personal information. I do not give out numbers or addresses until the deal is actually coming through. Be wise, friends. 


  1. Nice Post thanks for post a comment in blog.

  2. I BIG HEART love C-list too! have found lots of great stuff on there - although have an old volvo that won't sell and even the big C couldn't help that!

  3. Another great thing to check out is if they have it in your area.

  4. I think Jack and I are about to look for a dog like Murray on "Mad About You" and are going to check out Criagslist. I've been watching the show on DVD and Jack has fallen in love with Murray:) We don't quite have Ben on board yet but we'll see how it goes.

  5. We totally use Craigslist all the time! I love it! BUT, I never give my address out. I prefer to meet people in a public location (Wal-Mart or McDonald's parking lot) rather than my home. I also only give out my cell phone number, not my home number just for safety reasons.

  6. We love Craigslist too! I'm sad that we now live in a smaller town where there aren't as many listings, though.


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