February 23, 2013

Sister Shoot | Sammie & Allie

One of my hopes for the time I had in Florida watching my cousins (for some reason, I keep wanting to call them my nieces), was a photo shoot. I love any opportunity to practice my photography skills and I think it's fun to work with low-key family shoots like this one would be. While I know I don't possess the photography knowledge of a professional, I believe I have a special gift of working with my subjects, bringing out their personalities and having true fun together (no staunch, stuffy photo ops with me.) 

On our last morning together, though the skies were cloudy and rain was imminent, we dolled up the girls; I did their hair, they did their makeup (a new interest for Sammie and a bit of an obsession for Miss Allie ;)), and we accessorized. I loved how they opted to wear matching boots. So cute. 

The backyard offered plenty of great photo backgrounds, so off we went! I have to say, this was one of the most successful shoots I've done --the largest number of good looking photos straight out of the camera! I had good subjects (and a new lens!) 





These two have a special friendship, sisterhood. 

On the boat dock. Love those lily pads. 

Sammie really came into her own during this shoot.
I loved watching her blossom.

And a few shots of my girls and me.
The oldest cousin of twelve with the youngest two.
I am 27, they're 12. 



I love these girls and I am thankful for the relationships we developed during our time together. I look forward to being an influential part of their lives as they grow into godly women.

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  1. Awesome Mel....I was blessed to be there with my nieces the same time you were, so I saw all this activity happening. You all did have a great time, and got some very memorable photos. Love you all, Mom/Aunt Karen


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