February 18, 2013

Florida Instagrams

If you were following me on Instagram last week, you may have noticed I most definitely was not in Western New York. There was no snow to be found and temperatures dipped only as low as 65 degrees. Yes, my friends, I was in sunny Orlando, Florida! It wasn't quite a vacation, but it certainly was fun! My Aunt Wendy and Uncle Steve asked Kevin and me if we would consider traveling to Florida to spend a week in the warmth while staying with (feeding, occupying, chauffeuring, home schooling, and occasionally disciplining) their 12 year old daughters while mom and dad set sail to Cozumel. Kevin wasn't able to get away from work for this particular week, but my mom stepped up and met in Florida to help out and keep me company. 

My flight out of Niagara was a bit treacherous. A commendable snow storm hit the area a few hours before take out and though I boarded on time, we sat at the gate for over two hours ensuring the runways were clear, the wings were de-iced and the plane could get enough traction to be pushed away from the gate. It was slightly frustrating, but I was glad they were taking precautions. I arrived in Florida a few minutes before my mom at 10:15pm, and we met my Aunt and headed home. 

I have lots of fun pictures to share from the semi-professional photoshoot I did with the girls, but for now, my week in Instagram (Thanks, but no thanks to my poorly pixelated iPod). 

"Tweet tweet," says Uncle Steve in our game of Settlers. It's getting intense and it's mom's first time.

*I would just like to say I beat my Uncle by one point on the last turn, thanks to Sammie trading me all of my resource cards for her Victory Point. Not sure that's legal, but I'll take it. ;)

How I spent my afternoon, sunning myself in Florida. Yes, it's a welcome reprieve from winter.

My lovely momma harkening back 15 years to the days of our schoolwork, as she teaches Allie exponents. #homeschool

No, we weren't homeschooled, but she certainly spent HOURS each week helping us with our homework.

Teaching the girls to make Alfredo sauce from scratch. That along with chicken, pasta, and broccoli was a winning dinner.
I made up the actual recipe on the spot, but it's similar to this dish from my recipe blog.

Sammie wanted to paint my fingernails! Ok! 

I made the girls heart shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day!
Since I wasn't with my Valentine for our annual pizza date, I taught my 12 year old cousins to make pizza dough from scratch. Tasty success!

I have never enjoyed puzzles but this intense 1000 pc with no frame really converted me.
Sammie and I had a blast tag-teaming it!

Waiting to board for home, prepared for the cold weather in my new ankle boots.

My husband showed me his love with a gorgeous bouquet of "our mix" (alstroemerias & roses) in the front seat in our way to our annual VDay pizza date.
I was so excited to see his face waiting for me at the airport! On the front seat of the car, he had a beautiful bouquet waiting for me - a real, truly thoughtful treat. Then, we headed to a fantastic pizza & wings dinner at a nearby bistro. The perfect postponed Valentine's Day.*

*It has become our tradition, to hunt down a new pizza joint every year on Valentine's - something fun and yet low-key to celebrate!



  1. Sounds like a blast! If they didn't learn their math, I'm sure they got a great education in Home Ec and Cooking!


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