November 28, 2012

The Very Beginning of Us

Eight years ago on this very day, I made the five-turned-seven-hour drive back to our college campus after Thanksgiving break to give a certain 18 year old boy an answer. Yes, I will be your girlfriend. That elegant response was quickly followed by a moment of naive honesty-- so what does that mean exactly?

It was a long, slow, challenging, wonderful process of learning what exactly it did mean to be a long term, committed, loving relationship. God was with us then and He has blessed us greatly over these past many years together. I love you a thousand times more with each passing year, babe.

kevin and mel
Kevin & Mel ice skating. 2 months into dating.
He still wears that sweatshirt. *sigh*

Are in the mood to read the whole entire love story? Well, you're in luck. I wrote it out a couple of years ago.-- Our Love Story.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a receipe and quickly read 11/28's post. I had to laugh because my (now) husband asked me that same question....'Will you be my girlfriend?' I also came back a couple of days later with 'what does that mean?' Now I will have to finish reading your love story. :)

  2. so, so sweet! we still have clothes that we wore 12 years ago... I look at them and smile. Such memories! Aren't you glad you said yes?


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