August 10, 2012

The One with 5 Minutes [Connect]

Five Minute Friday
Today over at Lisa-Jo's blog, the Five Minute Friday prompt is Connect. My mind went all sort of places before hitting the "start" button on my timer, but I'm so thankful I rested with this topic. It's been resonanting with me all week, as I've received call after call, email after email, and welcomed in many new students to my fall schedule of piano lessons. I am blessed. And I'm seeing the connection.

Here goes:


I never thought that all those years of piano lessons would connect to any other part of my life--besides my love of music and the occassional "special" for the church offering. But here I am, after 13 years of weekly piano lessons, having cried multiple times over failures, having heard the needed criticisms, having messed up the song I had "perfectly" in front of the recital audience...and I am teaching piano lessons. Me?! Yes, Melanie, YOU. 

Because not all of those 30 minute lessons were grievous. No, in fact, they were exciting, constructive, and life transforming. Both of my teachers spoke into my life as a mentor and spiritual role model. They encouraged me and pushed me toward the full capacity of my abilities which they knew God has planted within me. 

I know my parents never would have thought that their financial commitment to my piano lessons would ever result in a source of income for me, a joyous livelihood. But I am so thankful, mom and dad, for making me go to lessons all of those years, for making me practice when I hated it, for continually encouraging me to keep on, believing I would achieve something. 

And now, I see how it's all connected. God was preparing me musically and spiritually to be a teacher to many students just like me. He has gifted me and filled me with his Spirit and I am thankful to be investing in the lives of my students. And something must have clicked--because my students LOVE to practice! Can you believe it?!


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