August 22, 2012

A Lifestyle of Togetherness

I have decided--I'm better suited to host or plan things last minute. This avoids the days or weeks of planning and dreading and building up of stress. It makes the event more "life style togetherness" and not as much "this is a super special once in a lifetime opportunity." I feel we shouldn't put off being together for the sake of perfect evenings with pristine hostessing. We should just BE together. No pretenses, no expectations. 
Come, as you are, into my house, as it is, and eat my food, whatever it may be
I am the type to get easily worked up and stressed out of every little detail. Even a casual invitation to someone's house might bring anxiety into my heart. So I've been being intentionally spontaneous lately. I know, that doesn't make any sense--it's actually more of an oxymoron. But it's what I need to do. 

And it's been working! Sunday morning I thought, "We should have steak and mashed potatoes for lunch. Yum. Ooh. We have a gigantic sirloin strip steak that we should share with someone. Wait, though, I didn't plan ahead to invite anyone or have food ready to go! Oh, I'll just go for it."  And so, after church, I invited the LeBaron clan of 6 over for steak, hotdogs, green beans, and mashed potatoes. Everything turned out well, we enjoyed one another's company, and it was a pretty darn easy "event." Love that! 

This morning, I went to a friend's house for coffee and banana bread at 7:30am. It was a nice treat, a wonderful way to start my day. 

We should all do these little things more often--live a lifestyle of togetherness

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