August 2, 2012

The House Tour [1 Year Later]

Just 4 days after we moved into our new (rental) home in New York, I decided it would be a brilliant idea to post pictures documenting the settling process. Things didn't look too shabby at that point. Actually, I'm a little impressed with how quickly I settled in (but let's be honest...I had the help of my husband, my mom, my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, and my brother-in-law. So I'm not really all that awesome.)  

Here we are a year later and not too much has changed. Some furniture has been added, removed, or rearranged (multiple times! I think I get stir crazy!) and walls are filled with personal touches--mostly pictures of friends and family. I heart pictures. (If you want to make me super happy, you can get me a new picture frame. It's like you gave me a diamond ring.) I haven't done any painting but that's in the back of my mind at the moment. We'll see. (In fact, if you have any color inspiration for me, let me know in a comment.)

And without further adieu, I give you
The House Tour: One Year Later

Living Room
(Note the new green love seat and the newly-placed recliner)
Living Room: View 2
(Note the lovely shelf by the front door with hooks to hang your coat.
Thanks to Dad E for anchoring it. ;))

The Piano Studio/Melanie's Office
(The door to this room is located right by the coat hooks/front door)
My newly arranged office in the Piano Studio
The teaching portion of the Studio

Dining Room
(Love having my grandma's table and chairs and buffet)
(Note the shelving unit --from Aldi--on the right filled with pantry items)
Kevin's Office
He's got a little tv in there and a beautiful fish tank, not shown
(which is great for me when I want to watch a tv and hang out in his space)

The Library portion of his office

Our kitty loves the office chair

From the Top of the Stairs
Top of the Stairs
(bookcase, spare bedroom/Mel's closet room, and bathroom)
Our bedroom
The dresser on the left is our "linen closet"

And that, my friends, is our home--cat hair, dust mites, love and all! 


  1. Cute! I love the strategically placed wall decals.. so sweet. I also love that candle holder/wall art above the bookshelf at the top of the stairs!

  2. What a lovely home you have arranged and maintained! Now I see why Vivian likes to visit as often as she can find a reason. :)

  3. It really looks wonderful, Mel. So glad that you were able to turn a rather old, and need of repair, house into a lovely, welcoming space. So proud of how you have used donated or second hand gems to make that house into a home. Love it all, and you two most of all. Mom

  4. I love it! Your house looks so comfy and inviting. Thanks for sharing :)


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